Deschamps on France chances

France coach Didier Deschamps believes that his team has a great chance in Russia, but they need to still work hard in order to improve.

He believes that there is enough quality in the squad and that it is up to him to find the best system that will accommodate each player.

He said that he had seen some good things during the friendly match especially the game that saw France beat Paraguay. Arsenal striker Olivier Giroud managed to get a hat-trick in this game.

Deschamps said that it was a difficult game and that the players had to work hard in order to score these goals. He said that the players have been listening to him and this is why they managed to win this game by this scoreline.

However, the former Juventus midfielder believes that there will be tougher games than this at the World Cup and that the players should be ready to fight on the pitch. He said that it is one thing to perform well with your club and another thing altogether to represent your country. This is because you are used to playing with your club teammates on a more regular basis than with your fellow countrymen.

Didier Deschamps believes that it is high time that France performs well at a World Cup since they lifted the trophy in 1998. He believes that there are other teams that are favorites, but he believes that they have their chances.

He said that the players would have to believe that they can do it and give their best on the pitch. He said that there is still time for the tournament in Russia and since then the players will get used to each other, and they should be better as a team.

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